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Innovation and Product Development: IP and OSD solutions compared

Professor Etienne opened class on Tuesday by explaining that he named the course “Open Source for the Common Good” rather than “Open Source Design vs. Intellectual Property”...

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Reflections on OSD

May 5, 2017 Prior to joining this class, I did not know anything about open source design. I only signed up for the course because I saw that it dealt with social entrepreneurship, a topic that I was considering including... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

April 27, 2017 During his lecture and discussion on climate change, Professor Bateman brought up three key issues regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation. Two of these issues can be significantly aided by open source design. However, the third cannot.... Continue Reading →

Health: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

April 2, 2017 In a few of the posts on this blog, I have briefly mentioned the potential that open source design has to solve problems in the health care sector. However, until now, I have not written an in... Continue Reading →

Infrastructure: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

March 22, 2017   In researching the concept of open source infrastructure, I found that most websites, articles, and ideas focused on open source software infrastructure. Specifically, they talked about various programs like Python or other systems like Linux, Apache,... Continue Reading →

Communication: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

March 18, 2017 Within the realm of communication, there are many devices and applications that hold promise for solving our most pressing issues of environmental waste, global poverty, and world hunger. However, the communications tool that I find the most... Continue Reading →

Food and Agriculture: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

March 2, 2017 Open source design can be utilized in many different ways to increase agriculture and food production. For example, open source tool design can help farmers tend to their crops more effectively and open source developments in hydroponics... Continue Reading →

Education and the Control of Knowledge: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

February 24, 2017 For this blog, I would like to focus on the role of IP and OSD in the future of American universities. With the rise of the Internet and the incredible access to knowledge that it brings, American... Continue Reading →

Energy: IP and OSD Solutions Compared

February 14, 2017 **NOTE: I wrote this blog before class on Thursday so I added a paragraph at the end detailing how OSD might help mitigate some of the energy I use at home. Oftentimes, when a sustainable energy technology... Continue Reading →

The Inequality Crises: IP and OSD solutions compared

It is a well-known and well-documented fact that wealth is very unequally distributed in the United States (Mother Jones). For example, a study conducted by a Harvard Business School professor in 2011 found that the top twenty percent of Americans... Continue Reading →

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